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The volunteer program is an important part of our community involvement. Volunteers at Kenya Community Health Clinic Ministries participates in variety of ways to achieve the clinic’s mission and vision which is geared towards rendering services to our patients, clients by promoting the overall health and welfare of the Kenyan people.


  1. Fund Raising- We need volunteers to contact potential donors by sharing the vision of the clinic and encouraging financial participation.


  1. Webmaster-We need web-site administrator to assist in managing and updating website.


  1. Clerical Work- To be involved in the production of the promotion materials such as flyers and brochures.


  1. Mission trip to Kenya- To be involved in building the clinic and providing medical and counseling during summer months.


  1. Medical Equipments- Contacting hospital in USA to donate medical equipments  and exploring shipping options of those equipments to the Kenya Clinic


  1. Grant Writers- Skilled grant-writers to solicit funds for the development of the clinic.


  1. Clinic Website- You can donate a yearly subscription to keep clinic website running.

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