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Kenya Community Health Clinic Ministries mobilizes resources from both local and international community to ensure a successful, affordable and sustainable community healthcare is available to the local community.

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We will buy equipments both from local and international retailers for the clinc Laboratory.


We will spend $ 9,000.00 on equipments for the Laboratory.

Total cost for equipments is 9,000.00 for this year

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The cost for Medication
We will subsidize medication for those unable to pay.
Children $ 5,500.00 per year

Adullts   $ 4,000.00 per year
Others   $    500.00 per year

Total subsidy will be $ 10,000.00 per year

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Staff Salaries

 Staff Salaries:
2 Registered Nurses (KRCHN)

1 Community Nurse 

1 Pharmacy Technician

1 Med/Laboratory Technician

1 Security

1 Custodian

1 Office Clerk

1 Receptionist
Total needed per month for salaries $ 2,700.00

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 General Fund

The cost for running the office

General fund  $ 2,000.00 per year

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Staff Training

The cost for training the staff


The cost for training $ 9,000.00 per year

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