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Dental Unit
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Dental EX-Ray
Counseling Services

Counseling Center provides affordable professional counseling services to clients

Medical Services

We provide the following Medical services: Medical Care

Laboratory / Pharmacy

We provide laboratory and Pharmacy services to our patients

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Ciothirai Methodist Church has been serving the local community since 1960.  In order for members of the community to access public health clinic services, they have to walk 8 to 10 miles from their home. This is not feasible for many due to the long distance, thus creating a barrier to access health care services.


The church has decided to respond to this need by bringing health services closer to the community it serves.  By building

a Community Health Clinic, Ciothirai Methodist Church will continue meeting the needs of the community.

The following services will be available at the Clinic, Counseling, Medical, Laboratory and Pharmacy services.


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Corporate Support

Corporate supporters are vital in the success of building Kenya Community Health Clinic Ministries. On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank everyone who has supported in any way toward building the clinic. Some of you have financially supported the Clinic others have donated time in building websites, while others have helped in ideas and expertise in technical aspects of the clinic. A Big Thank You to Gold, Silver and Bronze contributors. We are pleased and feel honored to have you as our corporate supporters. Your continued support to Kenya community Health Clinic Ministries has made the yearning for affordable healthcare a reality to Kenyan people. May God bless each one of you in all you are doing for the Kingdom of God.

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Give A Donation

Kenya Community Health Clinic Ministries mobilizes resources from both local and international community to ensure a successful, affordable and sustainable community health is available to the local community. The local leadership of Ciothirai Methodist Church building Committee encourages local members of the community to financially support the clinic through annual fund raising efforts (commonly called Harambee). Every year the members of the church are involved in fund raising efforts to build the clinic.

Kenya Community Health Clinic Ministries

Meru, Kenya.

Ciothirai Methodist Church

U.S.A Contributors


You can also contribute in loving memory of your loved one for the glory of God

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